Confined Space LiDAR Solutions (ELIOS 3)

Footage courtesy of Flyability

Aerologix is excited to announce that we’ve had a highly anticipated Flyability Elios 3 drone join our network, and is now available for client projects.

The Elios 3 is the ultimate indoor drone for confined spaces regarding inspection and surveying – equipped with a LiDAR sensor, allowing for real-time indoor 3D mapping, increasing the safety of personnel in underground spaces, and reducing the time and cost compared to traditional methods.

Applications of the Elios include:

– Mine Surveillance
– Pipe Surveillance
– Factory/Warehouse Inspections
– Conveyor Belt Inspections
– Bridge Inspections
– GNSS-denied environments

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But why Aerologix?

Aerologix is Australia’s mission control for drones, providing fast and affordable drone data solutions through the country’s largest drone pilot network.

Not only does the Aerologix platform connect drone pilots to clients in need of aerial imagery and data, but we also source and provide cutting edge technology to enhance pilots’ workflow and ensure accuracy for clients.

The Process

Request a quote

Our team will contact you to discuss the intricacies of your job requirements and provide a quote

Book a project

Once the job has been booked our team will work with you to find the right pilot from our network for the job!

Plan and Shoot

Our media team will create a job brief, call sheet and/or shot list for the pilot and they will capture the data accordingly.

Post Production

We edit the footage and provide you with the exact deliverables you were quoted for.

What type of project would you like to book?

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For data on demand for your everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between
business-and-trade 1
Flight service support for enterprise based capture requirements such as LiDAR, 3D models, and Digital Twins