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So what about us?
We are mission control for drones. Aerologix has built an advanced “uber for drones” solution using deep tech to support drone pilots and customers. Not only does our platform connect drone pilots to clients in need of aerial imagery and data, but we also source and provide cutting edge technology to enhance pilots’ workflow and ensure accuracy for clients.

Skies have been inaccessible to businesses for many years. However, through these advancements in technology and communications, we have the ability to provide valuable real-time data to anyone, anywhere.

Our customers have access to a nation-wide database of qualified drone pilots who are on hand to fuel your vision with information from the skies.

Drones are fast becoming the world’s most critical source of acquiring information without the expense and environmental impacts other methods have entailed. Making drone insights available to the masses could prevent large-scale catastrophic events such as the 2020 Australian bushfire season.

With the increasing prominence of drones, our vision aims to maximise and revolutionise the use of airspace.

The Aerologix platform ensures flight safety, regulatory compliance, and optimal mission efficiency. Our software equips  pilots with innovative industry-leading tools to complete any mission while enabling clients unlimited real-time access.

Pilots in the Aerologix Network


Pilots in the Aerologix Network

End-to-end delivery

48 hour

End-to-end delivery

Missions completed in 70+ locations across Australia


Missions completed in 70+ locations across Australia

The Aerologix Story

Aerologix is a Sydney-based drone start-up that provides a marketplace for clients to locate their local drone pilot to complete aerial imagery projects. The company uses a patented algorithm and geolocation to match clients with skilled and qualified drone pilots. Former Qantas pilot Tom Caska and IT expert Rakesh Routhu started the company in 2019. They met doing their MBAs at UNSW, having previously held their own start-up companies in drone technology and robotics. Aerologix has over 10,000 pilots on its platform in Australia alone, who have additionally completed enterprise jobs across industries including surveying, infrastructure, renewables, telecommunications and construction.

Aerologix exists to alleviate the frustrations in the difficulty to source consistent, high-quality drone operators and equipment in a specific geo-location and the prohibitive costs of in-house drone operations. We assist clients in navigating cumbersome processes in managing pilot qualifications and licensing required for specific jobs. In assessing the environmental impact that drone technologies can unlock, utilising the Aerologix platform has significant benefits in reducing travel time, reducing personnel out of office, a more economical way of capturing regular up-to-date data and a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

For clients, Aerologix offers unparalleled service solutions in providing an extensive network of drone pilots across Australia and New Zealand, who are certified, trained and allow an on-demand service model. We assist clients in reducing travel time, reducing personnel out of the office, a more economical way of capturing regular up-to-date data and a significant reduction in carbon footprint. We are a technology company that enables drone pilots to complete complex data captures, 3D surveys and photogrammetry through a widespread distribution platform – there is no such other platform that exists in supplying drone pilots to market at such scale as Aerologix.

The Aerologix app is free for pilots – no subscription cost to access the app and provides free access to airspace information for Australian pilots via CASA which many other apps will charge users for.

Aerologix currently offers services in Australia and New Zealand via its pilot network, and offers global access to its proprietary technology Aerologix Fly

Our Founders

Innovative founders Tom Caska and Rakesh Routhu combined forces during their MBA studies at the Australian Graduate School of Management, where the Aerologix concept was born.

Tom Caska

Tom has worked in Aviation and the unmanned aerial domain for the past 18 years, working for Qantas as an airline pilot, Hawker Pacific, and Aerolens, where he was Founder and CEO. This led to Tom acquiring an Australian Airline Transport Licence. Tom prides himself on a strong academic background, backing up his MBA with a Master’s in aviation and aeronautics.

Tom co-invented an advanced 3D flight navigation algorithm for drones currently used in new software applications for Aerologix. Tom has a very successful track record of establishing, executing and delivering large complex technical projects. For instance, Tom recently set up the largest single-focus drone network in Australia to monitor 1700 km of coastline to revolutionise swimmer safety.

With a passion for solving complex problems, Tom welcomes the challenge of empowering team members and creating innovative ways to improve tomorrow’s outlook using deep tech in the aeronautical space.

Rakesh Routhu

Rakesh previously co-founded R2 Robotronics, a drone tech company that won numerous awards, including Top 8 at the World Startup Expo and built UAV Traffic Management System. Rakesh was also an Officer Cadet in the Australian Army Reserves.

He has about eight years of IT Project Management and QA experience working for clients such as ANZ Bank, NAB, Fujitsu, and Capgemini. Rakesh has an MBA from AGSM, UNSW on the prestigious “Global Reach Scholarship” and was selected to undergo his exchange program with the highly regarded London Business School (LBS). Rakesh’s moto is getting things done yesterday.

Clients and Partners

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For data on demand for your everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between
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Flight service support for enterprise based capture requirements such as LiDAR, 3D models, and Digital Twins